SUB ROSA - Calming Adaptogen Tea

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SUB ROSA  - Calming Adaptogen Tea
SUB ROSA  - Calming Adaptogen Tea

Give the gift of nourishment & self care. This calming adaptogen rose tea will sooth their nervous system with Adaptogenic herbs and nourish their heart with the gentle medicine of rose.

When you take time to stop and drink the roses Nature’s secret mysteries are revealed. This adaptogenic tonic features the much revered Rose Root (aka Rhodiola) in a bed of rose petals, tulsi and sage. 

USE: Steep Sub Rosa tea in warm water and enjoy this beautiful blend warm or iced. 

TASTING/ SENSORY NOTES: adaptogenic, floral, adrenal support

Ingredients: rhodiola root, rose petals, holy basil, sage. 

By: New New Age

All ingredients are either permaculturally grown, ethically wildcrafted or certified organic.

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